FLC AMD Mining
Joint Stock Company
Leading company in Vietnam operating in mining, processing and supplying stones used in construction.
FLC AMD Mining are operating natural stone quarries and processing factories in Thanh Hoa, Binh Dinh and Yen Bai provinces. Our products are natural marble mined from quarries in different provinces of Vietnam where the stones are well-known for their beautiful original color, hardness and durability. FLC AMD Mining provides domestic and foreign markets with high quality stone slabs, paving stones, decorative stones, crushed stones and stone blocks for sculpture of art products, monuments. Our products are diverse in types, abundant in size and color which meet international standards on quality with high gloss and durability and are trusted in many construction projects in the country as well as exported to the markets of Europe, Asia, Australia and others. We always have high volume of stocks which ensure timely supply for large-scale works and meet diverse needs of customers for each type of architecture and different tastes. Besides, FLC AMD Mining also provides high quality natural Granite and Marble imported from India, Greek, Italy, Spain and Brazil.
FLC AMD Mining desires to bring flawless beauty and eternal durability of natural stone to every works, helping artificial works become everlasting as a part of nature. Our processing factories were equipped with modern equipment and technology, including cutting and grinding machines, glossers, and so on which ensure to meet various demand in large volume and speedy progress. With teams of skilled workers and high quality facilities and equipment, AMD Mining commits to bring greatest satisfaction to customers on beauty, quality, and timeliness with most competitive price policies.
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