The introduction of stone Natural stone is wide ranging and has numerous classifications. I t has withstood time. Stone is the testimony that modern man of today even with oprogression in science and technology It is still required. Like a child and mother, Indispensable!

   All aspects of our work and life, it has elements of stone. These can be Found in places of worship, buildings, your workplace and in your private  living space. We work and live with stone.

  Architects cannot ignore the use of stone. Approximately 70%  ambiance of the architecture is captured by the use of  stone.

  Stone has weight and movement. Stone is alive! It has healing energies and appeal to people in different ways. Each stone has its own personality and beauty. 

  It Emanates different energy levels.  Architects discover and develop the passion for stone based on vision, experience and senses of visual skill. Thanks to new technology and shipping facilities - almost all of the dreams of architects can be realized.
  One must develop this aspect of stonework as it can excite and enrich you and your work. Stones have colours, depths, and 
movements with Endless thrills to motivate and challenge you.

  Stone, like marble, granite, etc, is therefore subject to change in a good sense. The trend to use stone nowadays is compared 
to paper or manufacturing items such as compressed stone – no holes, no crack line (like botticcino classico). As the result, the beauty of the stone is completely lost.  

  The condominium industry is now facing hardship for both parties, the developers and main contractors/suppliers, all  because buyers  (we are not sure) are requesting the homogeneous look. 

If home is where everything begins, it it our duty to re-educate the present people on the right use of stone in its dignified